McDonald’s India Asks Customers to Resolve a Mc-Love-Triangle

    Romeo oh Romeo, wherefore art thou French Fries?

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Feb 25, 2021
    McDonald’s India Asks Customers to Resolve a Mc-Love-Triangle

    McDonald’s India – North and East has launched an interactive new campaign asking customers to help resolve a love triangle. #MatchedByYou gives fast-food fans the chance to pick a coke or fries with certain menu items and in turn, select the date for Buggy, a character from a McDonalds mini-series.

    “We know that many of today’s customers are looking for value for money options for the food they crave,” said, Robert Hunghanfoo, Head, CPRL . “The #MatchedByYou offer is the latest way we want our customers to enjoy their favorite meal served hot and fresh at an affordable price.”

    In the mini-series, McDonald’s introduces us to Burger (aka Buggy), the Fries (aka Freya), and the Coke (aka Kiara). Not since two star-crossed lovers took their own lives have we been more enthralled by a love story.

    The three protagonists are caught in a love triangle and McDonald’s fans will root for the combo that will take the young and in love to the next stage. In the end, customers’ votes will decide which combo wins and who finds true fast food love.

    “In a first of its kind sales-driven mini-series, McDonald’s is giving the remote to its consumers so they can play match-makers,” said Ashutosh Sawhney, Managing Partner – North, DDB Mudra Group.

    “#MatchedByYou is a unique campaign where people show their love for the sides they prefer and end up completing the burger’s love story. Backed by sales and consumer preference, the story will move forward to reveal what happens next in this love affair.”


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