McCann Health New York Chief Creative Officer June Laffey Steps Down

June Laffey has stepped down from her position as Chief Creative Officer role at McCann Health New York to spend more time with her family.

“After ten years at McCann Health, I have left to spend more time with my kids,” said Laffey in a Facebook post on the weekend. “Two and a half years in New York was an experience I’m grateful for, but for the next little while, I’ll be submerging myself in family, friends, and self-discovery, instead of submerging myself in work. I feel honored to have met and worked with some incredible people and created work that makes a difference, as was always my vision.

“I will return to work at some stage. But now is me time. Feeling blessed I have the opportunity to just take some time for what matters most.”


Before transferring to New York in February 2018, Laffey was Regional Executive Creative Director for McCann Health Australia & Southeast Asia since 2016.

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