Maybelline Launches ‘Spread Good Vibes’ COVID-19 Campaign in Thailand

Maybelline Thailand has launched a new campaign via MRM Thailand to #SpreadGoodVibes through the use of  interactive Augmented Reality in an effort to “share positivity digitally during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The campaign tapped five beauty influencers to spread the message and introduce three new unique makeup looks that “celebrate the brand’s pillars of strength, passion and positivity,” according to Maybelline. Content created includes tutorials for complete make-up looks and product education and these have been shared on the brand’s social media accounts.

An interactive Augmented Reality filter was additionally launched on Maybelline Thailand’s Facebook page (you can activate that on your phone here) and is available on Instagram. The animations appear in response to users’ gestures—the bigger your smile, the more you wink, and the more kisses you blow, the larger the animations.


“It is important to always stay positive, especially during this challenging period,” said Sukanya Kiravittaya, Brand General Manager, Maybelline Thailand. “Maybelline is a brand that keeps promoting positive vibes and we would like to bring joy and lift Thai spirits. We hope that the fun AR technology will help encourage people to share their passion, as well as to take care of their emotional wellbeing as we go through this unprecedented crisis.”

“We all know the power of positivity, so we have collaborated with Maybelline to create this lighthearted campaign message, to help #SpreadGoodVibes as we work together to overcome the challenge of COVID-19”, said Sukit Kittinuntakul, General Manager, and Roe Laophermsook, Creative Technologist, MRM Thailand.



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