Max’s Restaurant Releases Third Film for ‘Every Kind of Family’ Campaign

    By Katerin Pantaleon - Jul 23, 2019
    Max’s Restaurant Releases Third Film for ‘Every Kind of Family’ Campaign

    The world is better when we come together says Max’s Restaurant with the release of the third installment of its “Every Kind of Family” film campaign – timed with the release of “The Lion King”.

    “The world is better when we come together” is an animated story of the world at the beginning of time, and how a “bald sun” gets “hotter” to the discomfort and disapproval of the animals who inhabit the earth below. Feeling unappreciated, the sun no longer rises, sending the earth into total darkness and leaving the animals to fend for themselves.


    “The world today is divided by many issues of race, religion, sexual preference and political opposition,” said Rachel Villanueva, Head of Creatives at Petch&Partners. “This beautiful, animated story was another chance for us to remind people that our world is better united than divided. From a brand which unites every kind of family, every day in its restaurants – Max’s.”


    Client: Max’s Group Inc.
    Chief Executive Officer: Carolyn Trota-Salud
    Chief Marketing Officer: Jim T. Fuentebella,
    Chief Operating Officer: Ariel P. Fermin
    National Business Unit Head: Paolo Serrano
    Marketing Director: Mark De Joya
    Brand Manager: Jacqueline Peñaranda
    Digital Marketing Specialist: Abigail Mary Sha

    Agency: Petch&Partners
    Chairman/CCO: Andrew Petch
    Head of Creatives/Co-Founder: Rachel Villanueva
    Senior Copywriter: Rachel Villanueva
    Art Director: Jereek Espiritu
    Client Service Director: Duke De Ramos
    Account Executive: Frange Pangilinan


    Production Company: Film Pabrika
    Director: Joel Limchoc
    Line Producer: Lei Villena
    Executive Producer: Phoebe Nedia

    Producers Collective: Just Add Water
    Executive Producer: Jem Lim
    Assistant Producer: Bea Jose
    Post House / Animation House: Riot Inc
    Audio House: Hit Productions

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