Korean Tough Guy Actor Jin Seon-kyu Goes Soft in Funny Campaign Spot for Maxim Coffee

Maxim coffee brand in South Korea has a fun campaign spot starring Korean actor Jin Seon-kyu and his wife Park Bo-kyung.

In the 30-second ad, we see the actor taking his wife to the cinema to watch his latest role where he plays a general in the film and proudly tells his wife that he even has a line of dialogue on screen.

Jin, who was a relatively unknown talent until his tough guy role in the 2017 gang film “The Outlaws” won him a best-supporting actor at the Blue Dragon Film Awards, is crushed, however, as he watches his character killed in battle before uttering a word.


Disheartened, Jin mopes around for the next few days saying the film makes him “bitter” – which of course is the perfect tie-in to Maxim’s black coffee campaign that promotes the drinks smooth taste.

What makes the commercial humorous is the context that Jin largely plays the tough guy roles in South Korean films.

Along with the 30-second spot, Maxim also released a series of six-second spots where it looks like tough-guy jin is about to do some damage to you only to find that… well, see for yourself:


The campaign was done by Seoul-based PostVisual and BiginSquare.

Jade Lee

Jade Lee

Jade is a South Korea-based writer.

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