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When Branding in Asia came up with this idea I thought it would take me about 5 minutes to put something together. Two weeks later it’s the deadline that is driving my decision, not an abundance of what I consider quality ads to be.

That’s not necessarily because there isn’t much good advertising out there although, to be honest, there isn’t much good advertising out there, but it’s more because I couldn’t decide how to approach the exercise.

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What was I supposed to look for? Do I go the ‘official’ route and choose something that does what ads are supposed to do. Something that’s simple, gives me information quickly and yet is memorable because it connected with me personally and of course has a call to action.

Or do I look for something that pulled at my heartstrings, entertained me, upset me, motivated me to look for a brand or simply had good production quality and content that resonated?

I’m still not sure but that deadline has arrived so I’ve chosen the following ads because they sort of fall in between the above points! I’ve bought into the concept of these products. It doesn’t mean I’ll buy the product, especially if the PP watch – I have three kids after all – but I’ve taken note of it.

Two I like

This print ad from Patek Philippe ticks all the right boxes. The image and headline grab my attention and relate to me and my character. I bought the watch (an Ebel 1911) to give to my son on his 18th birthday when I was 27. That’s about 6 years before I met his mother and 13 years before he was born!


It’s a memorable ad because it shows one of those precious moments men have with their sons. It’s one of those moments you hope will never end. Every time I look at this ad I remember the times I had with my son when he was that age. And one day I’ll buy a Patek Philippe watch. One day.

My second favorite ad is this one from Land Rover and England Rugby. I’m a massive fan of rugby and Land Rover and I think Josh Lewsey (the big lad) was one of England’s great rugby players.

The ad showcases the typical Englishman playing football in the park. Everyone who has played football in the park has played with this nonce. If Land Rovers were a sensible price in Malaysia, I’d buy one in a heartbeat.

One I don’t like so much

As for the ‘one not so much’ category, this is not easy either! There are so many! But here’s one from Mercedes Benz in Malaysia that is utter, utter tosh. But it’s interesting to note that despite this dreadful advertising, MB is selling more cars than ever in Malaysia!

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Marcus Osborne

Marcus Osborne is the Founder and CEO of Kuala Lumpur-based Fusionbrand and author of 'Stop Advertising, Start Branding'


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