Malto Takes Distinctive Branding Approach to Vietnam’s Teen Milk Market via M – N Associates

In a market saturated with “teen leader” and “healthy teen” themes, Malto has emerged as a standout player with a distinctive approach via M – N Associates, the agency behind the work. Under the umbrella of the LOF mother brand’s overarching strategy, “Choosing your happiness,” Malto has transformed into a brand that resonates with the phrase “happy teen choice”.

The identity was crafted to align with Asian teen culture, said M – N Associates.

“First time we’re into this type of project and the process is challenging but fun to brainstorm. It’s like building new iconic mascots for Vietnam,” the agency said, adding that the aim was “radiating a cute and relatable aura that encapsulates the essence of youthful joy and satisfaction.”


Breaking the Mold

According to M – N Associates “While competitors in the Vietnamese teen milk market have adhered to conventional themes, Malto has broken the mold by embracing a fresh perspective that truly connects with today’s youth.”

Malto Gang


Central to this transformation is the endearing Malto Gang characters, which have transcended their roles as mere emoticons on Malto packaging to become cultural icons. These characters have found their way into merchandise, animations, and exciting collaborations, captivating the hearts of teenagers with their relatable personalities and charming designs.

The Logo and Color Palette

Malto’s logotype boasts a distinct visual flair with cuyrved forms that M – N Associates says “symbolize growth and the aspiration to “fly high.” This design element takes center stage on packaging, instantly drawing attention with its natural and friendly feel.”

The color palette features vibrant yellow as the malt color. “This choice aligns with today’s teenagers’ desire to stand out and express themselves, symbolizing their vibrancy and positivity,” the agency said.

Typography and Brand Voice

The MN Malty custom font visually represents the concept of “growth” with rounded trapezoid stems. NaN Hyena and LeOsler fonts complement the typographic ensemble, adding sophistication and prominence.

“Malto’s brand voice embraces the latest linguistic trends and wordplay, injecting humor into content to make it relatable and engaging for today’s youth.”

Packaging That Speaks

Malto’s packaging is a harmonious blend of elements, characterized by bold minimalism that sets it apart. The forefront dedicates ample space to the endearing Malto Gang characters, allowing them to shine.

The backside features witty and up-to-the-minute brand voices from each character, establishing connections with consumers based on their unique characteristics and personas, adding an extra layer of fun and relatability to the product experience.

“Malto’s transformation into a “happy teen choice” brand is not only reshaping the Vietnamese teen milk market but also celebrating the energy and creativity of the next generation,” said M – N Associates.


Creative Agency: M — N Associates
Creative Director: Duy — N
Design Director: Anh Nguyễn, Anh Phạm​​​​​​​
Designer: Phúc Trần, Giang Nguyễn
Digital Designer: An Phạm
Content Director: Quân Nguyễn
Character Concept & Illustrator: Duy — N, Anh Phạm
Character Developer: Monstio Studio, Phúc Trần, Giang Nguyễn
NaN Hyena by NaN
LeOsler by Antipixel
MN Malty by Type Associates
Portfolio Photography Wing Chan
Digital Retoucher An Nguyễn, Phúc Trần
Toy Manufacturer 8K Creative

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