‘Make Your Next Move, Make Your Mark’ – an Audiovisual Ode to Hong Kong From HSBC

The HSBC campaign film was directed by filmmaker, Jack Ng.


HSBC has partnered with MSL to unveil their latest brand campaign, “Make Your Next Move. Make Your Mark.”

According to the campaign the power of HSBC’s international network has always empowered Hong Kong people all over the world to keep progressing. “Amidst everything that Hong Kong has gone through, Hong Kong people worldwide are always looking to move forward, and HSBC continues to echo this spirit,” MSL said in a release

The new ad directed by Hong Kong film director, Jack Ng, showcases the diversity, resilience, and determination of Hong Kong while intertwining it with HSBC’s history and global presence.


The original soundtrack is made with over 70 unique sounds from Hong Kong, and even the narration is from the people. From the iconic “ding ding” of trams to the lively MTR announcements and the rhythmic beats of lion dancers, each frame resonates with the authenticity and energy of Hong Kong’s diverse community.

As part of this campaign, HSBC is embarking on an over 2-month long unconventional and artistic marketing journey in March, diving into the world of movies. The launch was marked by a Gala Premier at K11 Art House, accompanied by various digital and physical marketing initiatives. TV ads, tunnel billboards, newspaper wrap, and editorial partnerships have been utilised to proudly display the campaign’s compelling tagline.

HSBC also engaged KOLs across multiple categories on social media, from art, culture, movies, entertainment, to sports, lifestyle, travel, and more. They have inspired the public to share their #NextMove on Instagram, with each post featuring a film clapperboard image and a personal reflection on their aspirations and ambitions.



In addition, HSBC said that it continues to empower the film industry through its partnership with the Hong Kong Film Awards (HKFA). As the official banking sponsor of the 42nd Hong Kong Film Awards, HSBC will present exclusive movie screenings of films nominated in the ‘New Best Director’ category from March 28 to April 1, 2024 during Open to Art Movie Week. These screenings will be accessible to the public through HSBC’s social media giveaways. Charitable organizations will also be invited, demonstrating HSBC’s commitment to community engagement.

Commenting on the campaign, Luanne Lim, Chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong, HSBC, said: “HSBC and the local film industry in Hong Kong have grown alongside its people.

Our latest advertising campaign involves a collaboration with a talented director to capture the essence and vibrancy of Hong Kong, while also emphasizing our bank’s vision and global reach. As a steadfast supporter of the Hong Kong economy, HSBC is proud to sponsor the upcoming Hong Kong Film Awards, which celebrate Hong Kong’s creative industries and highlights its allure as a global city.”

Alexis Chiu, Group Managing director of Saatchi & Saatchi and MSL added, ” We are thrilled to collaborate with HSBC and Jack to bring this extraordinary campaign film to fruition. A true local product, directed and shot in the heart of Hong Kong, capturing the unique sounds and visuals of our city.

This film truly reflects the energy, diversity, and cultural richness that define Hong Kong. It has been an incredible journey to celebrate the spirit of this dynamic city and create a cinematic experience that resonates with audiences worldwide.”


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