Magnum Ice Cream Brings Light to a Dark World with Animated Shorts

    'Pleasure Tales’ takes the stage at the celebration of Japanese cinema.

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Feb 16, 2021
    Magnum Ice Cream Brings Light to a Dark World with Animated Shorts

    Magnum ice cream has launched an anime film series to be shown at the 25th edition of the Japanese Film Festival. The films, “Pleasure Tales by Magnum” is an ongoing anthology dedicated to finding the meaning of true happiness.

    The two films exist in two different worlds in two different times, yet both focus on the joys only humans can know. In one a man is pulled from the darkness and monotony of everyday life by the small joy of ice cream and painting.

    In the other, sometime in a Black Mirror-esque future, a young woman encounters a dour young man. As she enjoys her ice cream, she learns he’s never had the joy of doing so himself. The reasons become clear shortly and again we’re left with that unique joy that ice cream brings to humans.

    Magnum partnered with Powerhouse Animation Studios, creators of Castlevania and Seis Manos, to bring the two stories to life.


    Pleasure Tales by Magnum will be featured during the Japanese Film Festival which will run throughout Australia this summer from 6 February – 3 March.



    Agency: LOLA MullenLowe
    Client: Magnum (Unilever)
    Campaign: Pleasure Tales
    Global Vice President, Unilever: Julien Barraux
    Global Brand Director, Magnum: Ben Curtis
    Assitant Brand Managers: Silvia Mattei, Federico Russo
    Executive Creative Director: Tomás Ostiglia
    Copywriter: Germán Rivera
    Art Director: Talia Villena
    Global Business Director: Tom Elliston
    Account Supervisor: Flora Bell
    Head of Production: Felipe Calviño
    Agency Producer: Diego Baltazar

    Butterfly and Konnichiwa
    Production: Powerhouse Animation Studios
    Executive Producer: Brad Graeber
    Studio Executive: Bruce Tinnin
    Supervising Producer: Shane Minshew
    Director: Kellen Stover
    Music supervision: Big Sync
    Music supervisor: Andrew Stafford
    Music composed and performed by: Pieter De Graaf


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