Machine Learning Is Changing The Way We Watch Video

Sandeep Casi

Video is taking over the internet, but in many ways, it has not changed significantly in the past 40 years. The way we discover and pay for video content has changed significantly, of course, but we still consume video in a continuous, linear sequence, and that’s about to change.

Sandeep Casi and his team at Videogram are using deep learning to change the way you and I discover and watch video. They’ve already had success in the enterprise realm, and they are now bringing the technology to consumers.

Interestingly, Videogram was not founded the way most startups are, and Sandeep’s approach to leveraging the intellectual property locked up inside Japan’s large corporations might represent a unique and important avenue for innovation here in Japan.


One that might become every bit as important as traditional seed-funded startups.

We also dive into the paradox of enterprise innovation, and Sandeep explains a few things that all startups need to understand about corporate accelerators before joining.

It’s an interesting discussion, and I think you’ll enjoy it.

Listen Here:


Show Notes

  • Why the key-frame model of video presentation is broken
  • How General Motors pioneered VR in the early 90s
  • Why there are fewer breakthrough technologies than you think
  • What a startup can do when you are too early to market
  • Why technology companies need to be content companies
  • Why we might see more spinouts from Japanese enterprise
  • How to raise funds as a foreigner in Japan
  • How the Olympics will force Japan’s video market and culture to change
  • How to overcome the aversion some Japanese VCs have to foreign founders

Listen to this and more at Disrupting Japan.


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