ICICI Prudential Implores Us to Think About Our Family’s Future

    By Katerin Pantaleon - Nov 27, 2020
    ICICI Prudential Implores Us to Think About Our Family’s Future

    ICICI Prudential, an Indian private Life Insurance company, has launched a new campaign to promote their latest offering — the All-in-one Term Plan.

    The film by Lowe Lintas Mumbai compares the safety measures we’ve all taken during the pandemic with those that we should take for our family’s future. It drives through the point that we need to think beyond the present and protect those we live years down the road.

    “With ICICI Pru Life’s campaigns we’ve always been inspired by everyday real-life observations,” said Shantanu Sapre, Executive Director, Lowe Lintas.

    “This campaign is no different. It resonates with the current sentiment of the country where every single person is paying extra ‘attention’ to all aspects to do with the safety of his/her family. Conceptualized and scripted by Navin Chawla & Abhishek Dey, the touch of using a kids’ voice in a sing-song manner of storytelling will not only break the clutter, but also contextualize the word ‘attention’ with the right sentiment, emotion, and action towards choosing iProtect Smart – the all-in-one term plan.”

    The campaign, which comprises a TV commercial as well as digital, outdoor media, and others, showcases how iProtect Smart, an all-in-one term plan, offers a living benefit for the policyholder.


    Creative Team:
    Amer Jaleel
    Navin Chawla
    Abhishek Dey
    Avinash Jakhalekar
    Nandkishore Sale
    Pravin Alhat
    Charuvi Lokhare

    Account Management:
    Shantanu Sapre
    Jay Ladhani
    Reema Bahadkar
    Nitasha Chandnani

    Aditi Patwardhan
    Vineet Singh
    Kanksha Arora


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