Love in Lockdown – Bumble Highlights Virtual Romance as Part of the New Normal

    By Harold Henry - Jul 20, 2020
    Love in Lockdown – Bumble Highlights Virtual Romance as Part of the New Normal

    Bumble, the women-first social networking platform, has launched a digital campaign called ‘Love Will Find A Way’ that celebrates “the importance of love, hope, and resilience” as the lockdown begins to slowly ease in India.

    The concept is founded on recent Bumble research conducted in India showing that virtual connections are becoming an integral part of the new normal in dating. Bumble found that 83% of users are more interested in dating during these times, while 63% of users are anxious about the future.


    Additionally, 70% of Bumble users in India claim that their personal online dating behavior has changed compared to before the outbreak, with just under 80% of these users now accepting and trying virtual dating.

    According to Bumble, it has seen a “significant rise” in the use of its video chat and voice calling feature within the app. In India alone, the app has had a 38% increase in video calls from March to May 2020.

    The campaign was created by DDB Mudra and 22feet Tribal Worldwide, and includes a 90-second spot that explores virtual dating and how it “redefines the evolution of love and helps users navigate this new reality.”



    “Healthy relationships and meaningful conversations are foundational to one’s well-being, especially during these uncertain times,” said Priti Joshi, Bumble’s VP of Strategy.

    “We’ve seen that our Bumble community in India has really started to utilize our virtual dating features as they are actively trying to navigate this new world of dating. Through this campaign, we hope to share a positive message that love always finds a way, even in the most challenging of times.”

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