‘Love Boobs?’ Campaign Apologized for by GrabTaxi but Moves Forward

GrabTaxi, a ride-hailing app popular in Southeast Asia, has apologized for what many feel was a tasteless campaign, whether it had the noble intent of tackling breast cancer or not.

The campaign, that operated under the slogan “Love Boobs? So does cancer” was met with a hailstorm of criticism across social media.

GrabTaxi put together a multi-touch approach for the campaign including celebrity endorsements and discounts for women commuting to breast cancer screening sites. The company also did a complete pink rebrand for its taxis.


Love Boobs Taxi

It also created a social media hashtag, #GrabItBeatIt.

Good intentions or not, the bold campaign quickly came under harsh criticism that it was sexist and insensitive –forcing management to apologize.

“We apologize that it comes across as insensitive to breast cancer survivors, their families and the wider public. Breast cancer is not a trivial issue and we regret that the taglines are not reflective of the seriousness of the issue,” the company’s Singapore division said.


Will not end campaign

While the company has removed the online promotional video for the campaign – entitled “What if BOOBS didn’t exist?” – it has not ended the rest of the campaig,n nor has it removed the slogan from cars during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The campaign is running in several countries, including Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia, where it is known as MyTeksi.

Here is a playful infographic released along with the campaign.

Love Boobs Grab Taxi infographic


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