Love, Bonito Launches New Brand Identity via Anak

“To us, it was not just a question of representation, but of putting something out there for the next generation of Asian women.”

Image via Anak

Womenswear brand, Love, Bonito, has partnered with Anak to redefine the global ready-to-wear landscape for Asian women, it was announced today.

Founded in 2010, the Singapore-headquartered brand has grown from a 19-year-old student’s side hustle to a multi-million-dollar female-led fashion enterprise with a thriving e-commerce platform and more than 20 stores across the region.

According to a release, in tandem with this growth, “the world at large has been catching up to the power of the Asian woman: from Michelle Yeoh to Eileen Gu, from Blackpink to Chloe Zhao, Asian women are claiming the global spotlight like never before.”


And yet, it adds, despite all this cultural power and recognition, there has never quite been a womenswear brand that spoke directly to the real lives of Asian women – until now.

As Love, Bonito readied itself for its next chapter of growth, it turned to another Singapore-headquartered, female-led creative business, Anak, to help shape its global narrative.

“Globally, there’s been a lot of attention on Asian women in the cultural spotlight,” said Lee Hanyi, Creative Partner, Anak.


“But just as there’s more to Michelle Yeoh than a red carpet, there’s more to Asian women than what’s in the headlines or social media. The time felt ripe for a voice that the world hasn’t heard before, but is probably very close to the hearts of Asian women all around the world. To us, it was not just a question of representation, but of putting something out there for the next generation of Asian women.”

A brand with Asian women at its heart

According to the redesign campaign, “Clothes should fit you, not the other way around. But for years, Asian women had to struggle to find ready-to-wear that was actually ready for them to wear.”

Enter Love, Bonito, which was one of the first mass-market fashion brands to cut clothes to Asian women’s proportions and use Asian fit models, in defiance of standard industry practices.

“We put Love, Bonito’s true commitment and care for Asian women into a bold new Heart monogram that serves as a signal for Asian women to feel loved every time they see it,” says Anak. “We gave their logo a fresh update with a strong, sleek wordmark that expresses their take on contemporary femininity, with bevelled accents as a subtle nod to the brand’s Asian roots.

Love, Bonito has also refined a design perspective that combines stylish, feel-good clothes with functionalities that are deeply empathetic of women’s daily realities.

“It is high time we celebrate ourselves, as a brand that is created in Asia, lovingly made for Asian women, by Asian women,” says Dione Song, CEO of Love, Bonito.

“While many of our Asian cultures have been known to be more conservative, we want the world to see who the multifaceted Asian woman is in this 21st century. By doing so, we too want to let Asian women know that it is perfectly alright to be unabashedly ourselves while keeping to our roots and heritage.”

She added, “Our consistent double-digit year-on-year growth since 2020 has been an encouraging sign and we will be rolling out a new assortment strategy as part of this new brand identity. The vision of being the go-to destination for Asian women is big, and we are just getting started.”

According to the redesign campaign:

“The Love, Bonito facet system is made to encompass every facet of the brand and the women they serve – different facets of womanhood; different facets of real life; different facets of a collection; different facets of a product.

The graphic system debuts in the brand’s first-ever global campaign, fronted by a powerhouse line-up of Asian women, specifically chosen for their personal stories and outlooks that strays from what a stereotypical Asian woman should be or look like – actress Arden Cho, singer-songwriter Yuna, writer and activist Chanel Miller, and intergenerational fashion influencers Gym Tan and Mya Miller (no relation to Chanel Miller).

Lensed by photographer Lenne Chai, the campaign dispenses with the traditional playbook of a single, didactic fashion fantasy and instead introduces a multifaceted view of modern life that meets women right where they are.”

“I really loved working with our cast, and I felt so inspired by their lives and stories! My goal with the shoot was to capture their personalities and genuine moments of spontaneity,” said Chai.

“It was great that the campaign was honouring how practical the pieces are – Love, Bonito has undeniably become a staple in the wardrobes of many Singaporean women, and I love that the campaign was inspired by the boba-drinking, Hai Di Lao-slurping lifestyles of the modern Asian woman everywhere.”

“As a brand practice led and fueled by Asian women, working on the rebranding of Love, Bonito was a profoundly meaningful journey. We wanted to create a brand where modern Asian women can finally recognise themselves as they are, not as the world wants them to be,” added Eunice Tan, CEO of Anak.

“A natural synergy emerged between the clients and our all-female creative and business teams, resulting in a true partnership and work that is deeply resonant for us; not just as design professionals, but as Asian women in the world.”


Agency: Anak
Client: Love, Bonito
Photographer: Lenne Chai
KOLs featured: Arden Cho, Yuna, Gym Tan, Mya Miller, Chanel Miller

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