Korea’s Lotteria Jumps on the Pen Pineapple Apple Pen Parody Bandwagon and it’s a bit Creepy

There has been no shortage of Pen Pineapple Apple Pen parodies out there, but Japan-based fast food chain Lotteria has coopted the viral hit for its South Korean arm with no measure of subtlety.

The company tapped talented comedic actor and director Kim Min-kyo, well known for his role on Korea’s popular version of Saturday Night live, for the role.

Check it out.


A bit creepy, some might fairly say, with its strong sexual overtones; Kim suggestively licking his lips at the beginning of the spot and then the occasional staring down towards his, um, 19 cm long cheesestick, is, well…comedy?

Considering that Lotteria, which was founded in Japan in 1972 and launched in Korea 1979, has generally aimed its campaigns toward a younger clientele, it does seem an odd turn in brand messaging.


Since it’s release five days back, the spot has clocked over 800k views on YouTube and over 1.4 million on Facebook. Not bad at all, many marketers would argue. Brand managers, however, might not be so happy with the blip in buzz.

Carry on.

If you’ve never seen Korea’s version of Saturday Night Live check out the show’s very funny parody of Interstellar.