Lotte Korea Takes it up a Notch with More Sexy Ice Cream Ads

We recently wrote about about South Korea’s Lotte Confectionary company sexying up their Buon Gelato line of products with hot ads featuring Kpop girl group Girls’ Generation. Aside of the visual aspects, the ads literally “sexyed” things up –combining the words “gelato” and “sexy” to propel the portmanteau “gelsexy” into the world’s ice cream branding lexicon.

As any biz school grad will tell you, in business it is far better to outdo yourself before someone else does. Lotte takes this maxim to heart with a new set of ads promoting their stalwart Goo Goo Cone ice cream.

In the new spots, featuring another Kpop girl group, EXID, Lotte kicks the sexy ice cream theme up a notch. Well, several notches actually.


If That’s What Works

We are not privy to market research on selling ice cream in Korea, but considering that Lotte is a dominant player, we assume they know what they are doing. We can additionally assume that the majority of ice cream is being consumed by males, but again, we’re just conjecturing.

Lotte, on their official YouTube page, is unabashed about the ad’s creative theme; calling one the “Sexy Version” and the other the “Sexy Full Version.”

Here are both, followed by a four minute behind the scenes clip on the making of the ad –both of which were released June 5th.

Just as a courtesy to our wonderful readers, the third video borders on NSFW.


Times Have Changed

Lets set our time machine back to the early 90’s for these two spots promoting Goo Goo Cone. Those were simpler times.

If you’re interested in reading about sex and branding in Korea, have a look around James Turnbull’s Korea-based blog The Grand Narrative.


Bobby McGill

Bobby McGill

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