Longchamp Launches Second Chapter of ‘Très Paris’ with Marion Barbeau & Annabelle Belmondo




Fred & Farid, Los Angeles & Paris



In partnership with creative agency Fred & Farid Los Angeles and Fred & Farid Paris, Longchamp has launched the second chapter of “Très Paris” with another music video reimagining an iconic French song.

Directed by French director Alice Kong, the music video features French ballet dancer and actress Marion Barbeau alongside French actress and model Annabelle Belmondo, as they bring the lyrics of “J’aime les filles” by Jacques Dutronc to life. The classic track was reimagined by lively French indie pop group Evergreen, setting the buoyant, irreverent tone of the film.

The film starts off with the two best friends dancing through a chic Castel and Régine inspired restaurant (“J’aime les filles de chez Castel. J’aime les filles de chez Régine”); they protest the raucous sound of a morning alarm while lying in bed on the lawn of the Sacré Cœur (“J’aime les filles qui font la grève. J’aime les filles qui vont camper”); they carry their skis through the street, then quickly ditch their gear for ice cream cones (“J’aime les filles de Megève. J’aime les filles de Saint-Tropez”); and then end their adventure inspiring an artist and having a laugh (“J’aime les filles intellectuelles. J’aime les filles qui me font marrer.”).


Alongside Marion Barbeau and Annabelle Belmondo’s performances, the song itself plays a central role in the film.

“Jacques Dutronc and his legacy are present throughout “J’aime les filles”, personifying the Parisienne experience with a healthy dose of fun. This made Dutronc the ideal soundtrack choice for both the “Très Paris” launch film and new music video,” the brand said in a release.

Alongside the music video, there are 12 brand films, 2 BTS films, and 30+ photos and films created for social.


This campaign is the fourth global launch from the Fred & Farid offices since the collaboration started in 2020. With hundreds of assets created over the past 3 years, the agency continues to build the “Très Paris” platforms.


“J’aime les filles”


Client: Longchamp

CEO: Jean Cassegrain

Creative Director: Sophie Delafontaine

CMO: Marie-Laure Dubuisson

Image Production Director: Margaux Marshall Albaladejo

Visual Production Project Manager: Marie Coumes


Agency: FRED & FARID Los Angeles

Chief Creative Officers: Fred & Farid

Managing Director: Severine Autret

Creative Director: Chelsea Steiger

Senior Art Director: Radouane Guissi

Account Director: Charlotte Dacier

Agency Producer: Damien Fournier


Production Company: Partizan

Director: Alice Kong

Cinematographer: André Chemetoff

Executive Producer: Khalid Tahhar

Producer: Carla Georges

Editor: Quentin Kwiatkowski

Social Director/ Photographer: Adryen Barreyat

Post Producer: Cindy Durand Paucsik

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