LogChain Looks to Reshape Logistics and Supply Chain Narrative in Partnership with AINAID

Boutique public relations agency, AINAID has announced its strategic partnership with LogChain,  a supply chain management company, with the aim of transforming the narrative of next-generation logistics and supply chain.

The partnership sees two businesses combining their perspectives to drive change within a complex industry. AINAID’s commitment to LogChain amplifies the platform’s mission, addressing deep-seated challenges in logistics and supply chain management through advanced technology, leading to greater transparency, scalability and sustainable solutions.

“AINAID’s fearless approach to public relations, empowered by the use of generative AI tools, is the perfect complement to our aim of reshaping industry dialogue,” said Andrew McKeown, CEO of LogChain,.


“Together, we will redefine the narrative surrounding digital transformation in logistics, demonstrating a firm commitment to transparency, efficiency and sustainability.”

“AINAID’s creative use of generative AI in their digital PR practice sets them apart, enabling them to defy the conventional PR agency hourly pricing model in favour of a more streamlined and efficient approach,” he added.

One notable product of this innovation is LogChain’s launch film ‘We are LogChain’.


Ain Omar Aid, Managing Partner of AINAID, added: “Our partnership with LogChain is grounded in a shared vision to revolutionise our respective fields. LogChain’s transformative approach resonates with our own ethos. As we help shape the future of PR for this sector, our focus extends beyond technology and digitalisation.

We are spotlighting the human element, the importance of sustainability for long-term resilience, and addressing the pain points that lie at the very heart of the industry.”

According to AINAID, the union “heralds a new era of PR for the logistics industry, one marked by compelling storytelling, impactful strategies and the transformative power of digitalisation,” adding that the pair are geared up to “redefine industry narratives, the logistics sector braces itself for a new chapter of innovation and transformation.”


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