Live Sports Streamers More Receptive to Advertising Than Traditional TV Viewers, Report

According to new research, live sports streamers are more responsive to advertising than traditional TV watchers, with many reporting high ad recall – 39% and 31% in Australia and New Zealand, respectively – and discussing ads with someone after having watched them.

Magnite’s “Live and Kicking: An In-Depth Look At Live Streaming” study additionally found that streamers have discovered new products as a result of ads placed around sports content, in particular, while 25-31% have bought the product or service advertised.

These results signify the effectiveness of live content in driving action and engagement, says Magnite  With streaming on the rise across the Asia Pacific, the research highlights the potential opportunity for advertisers to reach highly engaged viewers on OTT platforms.


“At Vidio, live streaming has grown substantially year over year on our platform, with sports as the key driver of this growth. In 2021, the number of sports live streaming viewers grew six times over the year prior and sports was played eighteen times more,” said Tengku M Rizaldi, Head Of Sales at Emtek Digital.

“Premium sports content, which is available across Vidio’s platform, also has a measurable impact on this growth, and will continue into the second half of the year as fans tune in to the FIFA World Cup and English Premier League matches. Advertisers across Southeast Asia have a big opportunity to reach engaged fans who have abandoned traditional TV in favor of the flexibility and choice available on streaming platforms.”

Additional key findings include

  • Live sports streamers are likely to watch multiple ad-supported services.
  • Sports fans prefer to watch live over watching on-demand – 71% of live sports programming is watched in real-time in Australia, and 68% in New Zealand.
  • Live sports streaming is omnichannel, but viewers prefer a large screen environment when streaming live sports – 84% in Australia and 81% in New Zealand opt to stream live sports on CTV.

“Australia and New Zealand continue to lead the way on streaming, and 82% of all Australian OTT users can be classified as live streamers, signaling an opportunity for the rest of the region” said Gavin Buxton, Managing Director, Asia at Magnite.


“With the breadth of live inventory available and the preference for streaming increasing across Asia, broadcasters and advertisers should take note of where viewership is moving and invest in OTT to reach highly engaged viewers watching their favorite shows and sports.”

You can learn more about the study here.

Image: Erik Mclean via Unsplash