Line BK Gives Cash and Saves Friendships in Newest Campaign

    By Harold Henry - Nov 18, 2020
    Line BK Gives Cash and Saves Friendships in Newest Campaign

    Line BK, the social banking service by Kasikorn Line, launched their newest campaign, “Telepathy,” to emphasize that we should never borrow from or lend to a friend. Just use Line BK instead.

    It’s that easy.

    That’s the gist of the clever 4 and a half minute spot. After all, it’s awkward, embarrassing, and always a bit uncomfortable to ask a “bestie” for money. Sometime’s it’s like they can read your mind.

    “Should I say mom is in hospital…”

    “Don’t use mom as an excuse, I just talked to her this morning.”

    “You shoot down excuse in my head?”

    The narrator of the ad, who inexplicably shows up about halfway through in a recording studio next to the hero, introduces the lending service that promises quick approval with a low-interest rate, without the requirement of a regular payslip or statement.

    Even freelancers, rejected by their best friends, can use it.

    The campaign was created by GREYnJ United Bangkok in conjunction with Happy Ending Film.

    “With the Link BK easy lending service, it’s just like having a best friend, only with this one you can avoid all the embarrassing obstacles and be able to borrow money with an easy process in place,” said Asawin Phanichwatana, Deputy Chief Creative Officer, GreynJ United Bangkok.


    Title of work: Telepathy
    Brand: LINE BK

    Agency: GREYnJ United Bangkok
    Chairman: Thor Santisiri
    Chief Creative Officer: Jureeporn Thaidumrong
    Chief Executive Officer: Kanaporn Hutcheson
    Chief Operation Officer: Thipayachand Hasdin
    Deputy Chief Creative Officer: Asawin Phanichwatana
    Creative Director: Asawin Phanichwatana, Thanyaluck Pongacha, Jesse Wong
    Creative Group Head: Thanapol Jiratadaporn
    Senior Art Director: Vongjino Kedjariyanon, Nukool Khamlert
    Copywriter: Jesse Wong, Natthinee Ruengves, Pat Deesawat,
    Touchachapon Wuthikangamjorn
    Art Director: Pheraphas Jongphatcharanan, Tammaporn Sanguanpak,
    Tanitsara Wunpanich
    General Manager: Kanokkorn Seehapan
    Group Account Director: Kantharat Teerarojjanawong
    Account Manager: Apinya Ditsamroeng
    Associate Planning Director: Jongkoch Dusittanakarin
    Project Management Director: Kanoksak Kanchanachutha
    Agency Producer: Ruangkanjana Aiamrit
    Senior Traffic Coordinator: Juthamas Tantated

    Production Company: Happy Ending Film
    Director: Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit
    Assistant Director: Pornpong Wongwatpong
    Cinematographer: Niramon Ross
    Film Producer: Pacharin Surawatanapongs
    Film Art Director: Cai Lianjie
    Casting Director: Pornthip Mutisom
    Stylist: Kwanhatai Chittiwatana
    Production Manager: Sasicha Kanjanumpa
    Post Producer: Needa Ostapirat
    Editor: Chaleamchon Natipat
    Colorist: Kritsada Kaewmani
    Flame Artist: Supphakorn Thungsin
    Sound Mixer: Nopawat Likitwong

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