‘Life is But a Dream’ – Director Park Chan-wook Brings His Unique Style to Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ Series

The fun 21-minute film from the director of “Old Boy” takes viewers on a series of interesting twists and turns as it tells its dreamy tale.

Apple has tapped acclaimed South Korean director Park Chan-wook for its ongoing ‘Shot on iPhone’ series with the veteran filmmaker creating a 21-minute short film called “Life is But a Dream”.

Park, who is known for his distinctive cinematography and framing, black humor, and at times brutal subject matter, gained international acclaim for the widely-popular 2003 film “Old Boy” – the second installment of his Vengeance Trilogy.

In his film for Apple, shot entirely on iPhone 13 Pro and starring Yoo Hai-jin, Kim Ok-vin, and Park Jeong-min, Park weaves the story of an undertaker desperately in need of wood to build a coffin for the savior of his village. The undertaker comes upon an abandoned grave and decides to recycle that coffin instead. He unknowingly awakens the ghost of an ancient swordsman bent on getting his burial box back.


One can only guess where the plot will twist and turn when the ghostly swordsman makes his entrance Mary Poppins style to hear the undertaker tell the story of the lovely and heroic White Marten. But, no more spoilers from us, check it out for yourself.


The film was released today on Apple’s YouTube Channel. The original soundtrack, by Jang Young-gyu, is available on Apple Music here.


Apple recently released its annual Chinese New Year film – this year from Director Zhang Meng called “The Comeback.”

The Making of ‘Life is But a Dream’

Apple has also uploaded a separate “making of” video that focuses on how Park and his film crew used the iPhone 13 Pro’s features to create the short film.


Bobby McGill

Bobby McGill

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