LICRA Launches ‘Faces of Fear’ Campaign Looking at How Racism Has Evolved in France

    By The Staff - Feb 9, 2021
    LICRA Launches ‘Faces of Fear’ Campaign Looking at How Racism Has Evolved in France

    LICRA has launched a new campaign via Publicis Conseil looking at how racism has evolved.  “A new wave of racism is striking the world, gaining ground and becoming more complex as it touches increasingly various communities,” a release describes it.

    “It is in these strained times that Licra released its latest PSA. Publicis Conseil gave voice to the real enemy behind racism: fear. The film showed that fear has one particular power: it can change its appearance at will, manipulate people and enter their heads. A power that can be orchestrated by those who want to divide us, even if this fear is not real.”

    The film is based on the technology of deepfake and morphing, the faces follow one another and thus illustrate the discourse around the fears conveyed.


    By materializing this fear which trivializes racism, the LICRA hopes for a collective awareness: our enemy is fear, not the difference.





    Executive Officer: Mario Pierre Stasi

    Administrative Officer: Stéphane Nivet

    President of the Strategic Committee: Gérard Unger

    Communication Manager: Arthur Loubatié


    President overseeing creativity: Marco Venturelli

    VP Publicis Conseil: Alexandra Evan

    Art Director: Clément Palouzier

    Copywriter: Antoine Querolle

    Strategic Planner: Didier Tavares

    Executive Director: Gaëlle Morvan

    Account Manager: Laurent Enet

    Account Manager Assistant: Aurélie Guine

    Process Manager: Claire Diot


    Production: Prodigious

    Director: Akim Laouar

    DOP: Christophe Grelier

    Producer: Thierry Delesalle

    Productions Director: Romain Guilbert

    Production Director: Charles Ramaré

    Production Director: Luc Annest


    Photographer: Philippe Gueguen

    Art Buyer Director: Nathalie Maudet

    Art Buyer: Nathalie Benchetrit

    Retoucher: Sophie Cazade (La Souris)


    Studio: Les studios de la Montjoie

    Studio Producer: Xavier Pleche

    LED Screens: MursDeLeds

    Robot: Neo Motion control

    1st Director Assistant: Alexandra Kan

    2nd Director Assistant: Antoine Gay

    1st Machine Operator assistant: Fabienne Delaleau

    Electrician Chief: Benoit Dupont

    Casting Director: Mourad Framera


    Studio: Prodigious

    Studio Assistant: Arnaud Galabbe

    Sound Engineer: Laurent Lavaud

    Sound Design: James Vacherot

    Sound Producer: Remy Dorne


    Studio: Reepost

    Edit: Jordan AMICELLE

    Calibration: Lydia LOPEZ

    Flame: Adrien LEPINEAU, Eric ALCUVILLA

    Post Producer: Loundja OUSSANA

    COMPOSER: Max Zippel

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