LIA Announces the 2024 Creativity in B2B Jury Led by Joji Jacob

“If selling a car to a couple isn’t hard enough, try selling computers to a committee.”

The London International Awards (LIA) has announced the 2024 Creativity In B2B jury.  Presiding over this jury is Joji Jacob, Regional Chief Creative Officer SEA & North Asia, Havas.

Jacob said, “Take mainstream advertising, and multiply the degree of difficulty by ten, and what you get is B2B communication. If selling a car to a couple isn’t hard enough, try selling computers to a committee.”

LIA added Creativity In B2B to the festival in 2023 to recognize outstanding creativity in the advertising and promotions of products and services that are offered by businesses to other businesses for use in their day-to-day operations. In its first year, Creativity In B2B awarded a Grand LIA for “AIZOME WASTECARE™ Industrial Waste – Certified as Skincare.”


Jacon went on to say, “I’ve judged LIA before, and I’m all the richer for it. LIA brings together the finest creative people from across the globe, gives them the time, space and the platform to look at and consider the work deeply, and then celebrates the best of it. In other words, looking at the best work at one of the best shows, I can’t wait.”

Advertising to consumers in general is different from advertising to a business. Over the years, there has been an evolution in B2B campaigns. The times are long gone when B2B stood for Boring-to-Boring, the new phrase is now “B2B can’t be boring.” The B2B consumers expect creativity, no matter how pedestrian the product might be. It isn’t enough to just sell product features and benefits, B2B advertising needs to connect on an emotional level.

LIA 2024 Creativity In B2B Jury:

  • Joji Jacob, Regional Chief Creative Officer SEA & North Asia, Havas – Jury President
  • Amy Carvajal, Chief Creative Officer, New York
  • Tara Ford, Chief Creative Officer, The Monkeys, Sydney
  • Nils Viktor Jacobsson, Creative Director, Uber, Amsterdam
  • Merlee Jayme, Chairmom / Founder, The Misfits Camp, Makati City
  • Waithera Kabiru, Digital Hub Lead (Africa), Diageo, Nairobi
  • Sabaa Quao, Chief Creative Officer, Cossette, Toronto
  • Eka Ruola, Chief Creative Officer, Nitro Group, Helsinki
  • Jo Shoesmith, Global Chief Creative Officer, Amazon
  • Gary Steele, Chief Creative Officer, DDB Group Aotearoa, Auckland
  • Dr. Stephan Vogel, Chief Creative Officer EMEA, Ogilvy Germany, Frankfurt

Barbara Levy, President of LIA, said, “B2B advertising is sometimes called trade advertising. While it can be challenging, we have seen some very creative and impressive work from this competition since we started it a year ago.


Creative B2B work makes it more fun for everyone – the consumer, the marketer and the creative people. In the end, everyone wins as it gives better business results. Under Joji Jacob, we know there will be lively discussions in the room to award the best work.”

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