Levi’s Music Project Kicks off With Malaysian Singer Yuna

Image courtesy of Levi's

Levi’s Malaysia is introducing a revamped second edition of their Levi’s Music Project with Malaysian singer-songwriter, Yuna, as the face of the campaign, stepping into the role of mentor and artiste.

Centered around giving back and championing the local music scene and community, as well as providing music education to the masses on a grassroots level, the launch of year 2 of Levi’s Music Project is is aimed at nurturing and supporting the creative community.

The launch takes place Wednesday, 24 November 2021 with the introduction of the global Levi’s Music Project Discord server followed by the premiere of Yuna’s first educational video of the campaign, entitled “Behind The Stage”.


Here’s a summary of what’s in store for participants and fans with this campaign:

  • Behind The Stage (video content) with Yuna – Exclusive behind-the-scenes experience where Yuna details her life experiences, personal anecdotes from her career, a look into her creative process.
  • Studio Session (video content) with Yuna – Educational video where Yuna delves into the more technical aspects of her career like what it’s like to be an artist in a studio, her songwriting process, and her vocal techniques.
  • Exclusive live performance visual experience from Yuna shot at Levi’s Haus of Strauss in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Remix Challenge opportunity for fans to put their own spin on one of Yuna’s songs. Top 10 submissions will win the chance to attend an exclusive virtual (Discord) music workshop with Yuna and a panel of local music industry experts

“With Yuna spearheading the campaign’s launch as both artiste and mentor, participants and community members will be treated to insightful, behind-the-scenes style videos that will offer a firsthand peek into Yuna’s creative process and world, and an exclusive live virtual performance,” said Levi’s in a release.


“The key programming highlight of Yuna’s involvement is perhaps the “Remix Challenge” opportunity, where Yuna will host an open-call for aspiring musicians to remix one of her songs for a chance to be a part of a private, live workshop session with industry experts and Yuna herself – all taking place exclusively on the global Levi’s Music Project Discord server.”

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