Legrand Launches The All Rounder Switch Campaign Via Ideas Farm

Legrand has launched a campaign to promote the Allzy range of switches. Promoted as an all-rounder switch, it is an embodiment of the evolving multitasking lifestyle of India’s all-rounders says the campaign.

Priyanka Dey, Head of Business & Strategy, Ideas Farm, added “We are a nation of multitaskers. And since we are all so well-rounded in doing more, we seek things which are also more than what meets the eye. We positioned Allzy as the all-rounder switch for all of India based on this insight.”

The campaing includes a film film directed by Arunima Sharma.


Jetesh Menon, Creative Head, Ideas Farm, said, “The idea was to demonstrate the all-round abilities of the range through an interesting narrative. The fact that the switch is at the heart of every home and connects and controls everything made the task of integrating the product into the stories of every-day all-rounder Indians a lot easier.”

Speaking on the launch, Head of Brand at Legrand, Laxman Tari added, “The Indian consumer is rapidly transforming, buoyed by global exposure and a desire for quality products that enhance and compliment their everyday life. Recognizing this trend, Legrand has meticulously crafted the Allzy range to resonate with the demands of aspirational Indians.”


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