Lego Breaks the Ice in First Date Film

    The film brings together three couples for a first date.

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Feb 15, 2021
    Lego Breaks the Ice in First Date Film

    First dates are hard but they shouldn’t be. Lego has launched a new campaign to make a date like a date should be, fun.

    The campaign, which was created in collaboration with Think Tank Singapore and director Chare Chong sees three couples get together for a first date. The catch?

    Well on the table is a lego set. No awkward conversation necessary. No missing eye contact. Just a stress alleviating good time on Valentine’s Day.

    “Working with Think Tank and Clare (Chong) was great. The ideas they brought to the entire process helped pushed the film’s concept and craft to another level,” said LEGO, Creative Director, Primus Nair.

    “First dates are tough. There’s always some anxiousness surrounding what to say, where to place your hands, and how to maintain eye contact with each other. Recognising these pain points, LEGO took up the challenge to propose a different kind of first date,” added Chong.

    “This was such a thrilling project to work on as there is a certain insanity and excitement in not knowing what the final outcome of the video would be,” said Chong.

    “It is after all, a social experiment. None of the conversations were scripted, the voice over was created through having one on one interviews with each of the individuals, and the first time these couples ever met was on camera.”


    Client/Agency: LEGO
    Creative Director: Primus Nair
    Art Director: Dale Lam
    Content Creator: Jiahui Wee
    Copywriter: Adlin Rosli, Aik Tay
    Content Strategist: Samuel Lee
    Planner: Erika Low
    Project Manager: June Foo
    Prod Co: Directors Think Tank Singapore
    Film Director: Clare Chong
    Exec Producer: Rajay Singh/Pat Singh
    Producer: Shu Ying
    DOP: Earl Nicholas
    Art Director: Aloysius Norman Benjamin
    Editor: Mindy
    Post: DTT Post
    Music: and Sound Design: TWO AM MUSIC



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