Leaked Footage Purportedly Shows Kim Jong Nam’s Assassination in Airport

Dramatic footage has been leaked to a Japanese TV show that purportedly shows how the North Korea female hit squad assassinated Kim Jong-nam at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

The video premiered on premiered on a Japanese news program “Mr. Sunday” on Fuji TV and consists of footage stitched together from several CCTV cameras at the airport.

The video shows the brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un walking through the airport, stopping to the flight schedules, before going to check in at an automated kiosk.


Suddenly a woman is seen lunging at the man in the video (allegedly Kim), grabbing him from behind. Reports are this is when another woman sprayed the toxic substance on Kim’s face. The women then quickly walks aways

The footage then shows Kim walking over to two policemen, who take him to a medical clinic in the airport.


The full video has  blocked in some countries. Here is a shortened version of it from another source.



Malaysian police say four suspects linked to the killing have fled the country.

“I confirm today the perpetrators, the four suspects are from North Korea (without diplomatic passports) have left our country on the same day (of Kim Jong-nam’s killing),” said police inspector Noor Rashid Ibrahim.



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