Lay’s Spreads Christmas Cheer with Filipino Holiday Legend, Jose Mari Chan

Lay’s launched a new Christmas music video in the Philippines titled “Double the Holiday Flavor,” featuring Jose Mari Chan and Nico Bolzico. Chan is somewhat of a legend in the island nation; his iconic holiday songs have been released since the early 90s and a meme featuring him announces the launch of the season. Bolzico is the current Lay’s endorser.

“Lay’s provides a flavorful distraction for the holidays and this video brings it to life in a memorable and joyful way – that the best Filipino tradition unites older and younger generations at Christmas,” said Raymond Valenzuela, Marketing Manager for Frito Lay.

The funny, albeit unexpected collaboration created by BBDO Guerrero, features the duo rocking out to Chan’s holiday superhit “Christmas in Our Hearts” as Bolzico’s favorite meme comes to life before his eyes. Tacky sweaters, snowflake filters, gold chains, and reimagined tunes featuring imaginary rap stars ‘Run JMC’ and ‘Nico-Bol-Z’, what more could you want in a Christmas song?


“While this hasn’t been the best year, we can only hope to end it with a laugh—and if we’re lucky a new meme to be shared in the holidays,” said David Guerrero, Creative Chairman of BBDO Guerrero. “And with Lays we wanted to bring this holiday campaign to life in a relevant way.”


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