Lay’s Finger Washing Machine – So You Can Dive Right in to That Bag of Chips Worry Free

Because we were given fingers for eating.


Lay’s Taiwan


Leo Burnett Taiwan

A device that instantly detects and sanitizes fingers now enables instant enjoyment of a bag of Lay’s crisps. Wasn’t this the invention you were waiting for?

Developed by Leo Burnett Taiwan, the Lay’s Finger Washing Machine tackles a real-world conundrum with a compact solution: heightened by the Covid pandemic, many people in Taiwan still feel anxious about eating with their hands, according to the brand, which causes them to hoard snacks instead of sharing them and prefer eating snack foods with chopsticks or other utensils.

To solve the problem, Leo Burnett Taiwan created the Lay’s Finger Washing Machine, a limited-edition mini washing machine that’s just six inches tall yet crammed with innovative features. With a sensor that detects fingers, a charging dock, and a refillable tank, this handmade machine cleans fingers in just five seconds using a burst of sanitizing spray.


“Clean fingers mean happy eaters. Now, thanks to the Lay’s Finger Washing Machine, people can enjoy Lay’s anywhere, even in bone-dry arid landscapes like Mars,” said Parris Chou, Creative Director at Leo Burnett Taiwan. “We were worried the Lay’s Finger Washing Machine would have limited appeal given there are already many options for cleaning fingers, yet demand keeps growing, it has taken on a life of its own.”

So far, the campaign has delivered Lay’s Taiwan an increased click rate of 173% with social interactions up 76%. The invention has generated media impressions worth almost USD$3 million, putting Lay’s in first place for top-of-mind brands in Taiwan.

The Lay’s Finger Washing Machine follows the launch of another Lay’s invention earlier this year – the Lay’s Fortune Telling Chips web experience.



Client: Lay’s Taiwan
Agency: Leo Burnett Taiwan
Chief Creative Officer: Kevin Yang
Creative Partner: Jin Yang
Creative Director: Parris Chou
Creative Technologist: Sam Cheng
Art Director: Sam Cheng
Associate Creative Director: Kenji Ho
Copywriter: Lulu Chen/David Huang

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