The Lap of Luxury in Lhasa

Lhasa, which translates to ‘Place of the Gods’, is not a place that one would normally equate with luxury. It is a place steeped in centuries-old religious tradition that is locked in the middle of one of the most widely-known geopolitical disputes in the world.

While some might find it hard to reconcile Chinese ‘modernization’ of Tibet, viewing it as little more than a steamroller erasing centuries of tradition, there is generally more to it than that. Love it, hate it or don’t care either way, life moves on. (Ask the people who built their homes from stone acquired from the Great Pyramids.) According to the China-Tibet tourism board, the area is attracting more than 6 million visitors a year.

Luxury in Lhasa

The St. Regis Lhasa Resort is an incredibly beautiful oasis of elegant architecture and design located in the midst of  the Tibetan highlands. The resort is resplendent with gardens, fountains, walking paths, artwork, complimented by views of Potala Palace and the gorgeous abundance of the surrounding mountains.


Built in 2011, the 150-room, 12-villa resort was designed with sustainable features that include solar panels and an underground water recycling system.

The design itself was inspired by the nearby Sera Monastery, which was built in 1419 and is a major tourist draw to the area says Jean-Michel Gathy, principal designer of Denniston International Architects,

“The Sera Monastery is beautiful, dramatic and lively, and very much what I wanted to capture about Tibetan culture,” Gathy told

Our last check shos rooms a night’s stay running between $200-$1100. If you don’t stay, it’s well worth dropping in for a look at this incredible establishment.



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