Landor & Fitch Australia Does a Brand Refresh for Nib Health Funds

“A brand was needed that could stretch and be relevant across a broad portfolio of offers, markets and audiences. Authentic, differentiated and future-proofed.”

Landor & Fitch Australia have partnered with Nib health funds (nib) to launch their refreshed brand reflecting the health insurer’s transition to a proactive health partner for their members, it was announced.

Landor & Fitch Australia partnered in developing nib’s new brand strategy, portfolio architecture, brand identity, and brand voice.

The work comprised an updated brandmark,  a fresh colour palette, photography style, and illustrations. Landor & Fitch also partnered with renowned illustrator, Sebastian Curi, to develop the illustrations that give the brand a fresh personality and authenticity.


Trish Folan, general manager of Landor & Fitch Australia, said: “nib was seeking to transform their brand to match their business ambition: that is, to become a trusted health partner to their members. It’s not every day you get to transform a brand like nib, but we’ve had a great partnership with the nib team, and that’s reflected in the work – we’re incredibly proud.”

Chris Donald, head of marketing at nib, added: “Landor & Fitch Australia have created a fresh, warm and human brand for nib. It perfectly reflects what we’re trying to achieve as a business and a brand.

We want to reach more people, help them better understand their health, the choices they can make and support them along their journey. In helping to reshape the nib brand, Landor & Fitch have set us up to achieve this goal now and into the future.”



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