Kpop Group Girl’s Day in New Kolping Korea Ad – Hello “Aegyo”

Girls Day Commercial - Branding in Asia Magazine

Here is a new spot from Kolping, featuring popular Kpop group Girl’s Day. Kolping is a Korean company that specializes in outdoor apparel, gear, footwear and other accessories –including golfing.

The Korean language doesn’t have an “F” sound thus, the company name: “Kolping”.

The Asia Ad Junkie is, in general, not a fan of fake, put on, cutesy behavior (though we all are guilty of it from time to time) but in Korean advertising, it is widely common for grown women to don an adolescent demeanor for dramatic effect in both real life and life on the small screen. It’s a popular thing to do.


In the new Kolping commercial featuring popular Kpop group Girl’s Day, viewers are treated to taste of what is referred to in Korean as “Aegyo” –which might best be translated into English as “cutesy” or “girly”. It basically involves “cute” displays of affection expressed often times with a baby voice, facial expressions, and gestures.

Surveys show that Korean men adore it, so if you’re branding your product on the peninsula, keep that in mind and let the pout come out!

Here is the spot:


If you’d like to know more about Aegyo, here is a short video primer with some entertaining insight:

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