KPop Group aespa and Artist Blake Kathryn to Launch NFT collection

connecting dotts and INVNT.ATOM bring artists together for a Limited Edition NFT Drop and Auction Available through Sotheby’s Metaverse

aespa, the popular female K-Pop band from SM Entertainment that includes four real members as well as their respective online avatars, is joining forces with visual artist Blake Kathryn to launch an exclusive NFT collection.

The collection marks the first collaboration between a K-pop group and a global NFT artist and will be available from Thursday, October 13, 5 pm EST to Friday, October 21, 11 am EST through Sotheby’s Metaverse. This collaboration was jointly facilitated by INVNT.ATOM, a global innovative brand experience agency at the forefront of the digital frontier, and connecting dotts, an APAC/US strategy agency connecting brands, consumers, talents, and content creators.

Each piece of artwork in the æ girls NFT collection incorporates the personality, elements, and signature identity of each band member and their avatars, perfectly combined with the surreal futurist aesthetics of Blake Kathryn’s work, creating the perfect collaboration between the artists. The ambiance used is specially composed for this collection by SM Entertainment.

  1. MY Pass: Open edition NFT, an access key accessible for any fan and collectors. Each MY Pass comes with a free NFT from a collection of 16 different items that are specially personalized and prepared by each member of aespa.
  2. Altars: A total of 32 Special and Limited Editions, four (4) fine art executions of each æspa member created in editions of eight (8). Each digital artwork embodies their iconography, aespa metaverse world, KWANGYA aesthetics, and includes utilities such as a GLB file and a personalized recording from each aespa member talking about the collaborative artwork. Edition 01 of each Altars series will go to the highest bidder, which also includes a signed physical print of the artwork by the aespa members and Blake Kathryn.
  3. Dreamspace: A super exclusive single edition 1:1 artwork that is an environmental reflection of each aespa member. This artwork offers the ultimate fan experience, including a GLB file, a video recording of aespa and Blake Kathryn talking about the artwork, a virtual meet-and-greet with Blake Kathryn, and an all-expenses-paid meet-and-greet with aespa in Seoul for their concert, along with a physical print signed by each aespa member + Blake Kathryn.

The æ girls collection will be open to all buyers and bidders, with each series available for a 48-hour time period throughout the week-long auction. Bidding can be done via credit card, not just cryptocurrency. MY Pass and Limited Edition NFTs will be available at a fixed rate. Sotheby’s, the world’s premier destination for art and luxury, will host a preview exhibition of the digital artworks in Hong Kong alongside highlights from Sotheby’s fall 2022 sale series, including Modern & Contemporary art from Oct 2 – 9, followed by an exhibition at Sotheby’s galleries in New York from Oct 13 – 20.

Image via INVNT Group

“From the beginning, aespa has been a very future-forward group, embracing technology, the metaverse with creativity, and as a core part of their identity; and their fans have responded enthusiastically. This æ girls collection, beautifully created in collaboration with Blake Kathryn, one of the most prominent female artists working in Web3, further extends, cultivates and expands aespa’s web3 community,” said SM Entertainment.

“It was a pleasure to collaborate with aespa on this first-of-its-kind NFT collection,” said Blake Kathryn. “This release is an authentic reflection of Karina, Winter, Giselle and Ningning and captures the unique essence and qualities of each of these powerful women. My hope is that it reflects female artists pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, blurring the lines between real and virtual to create a new kind of fandom.”


“The adaptability of NFTs has opened up many new avenues for communities of collectors and fans to connect with their favorite artists and musicians. This collaboration between aespa and the artist Blake Kathryn represents the best of how digital art and NFTs can bring together physical and virtual worlds to present fans with a special experience that is only possible with NFTs, and we are thrilled to offer this sale at Sotheby’s Metaverse,” said Michael Bouhanna, Sotheby’s Head of NFTs and Digital Art.

“There is no more powerful cultural force than K-pop at the moment,” said Rita Magnus, Managing Director of connecting dotts. “The æ girls collection will introduce this passionate fandom to the world of Web3, giving fans an entirely new way to connect with their favorite band. Bridging these worlds together with talents like aespa and Blake has been a remarkable first.”

Elvin Tan, Managing Director INVNT.ATOM, said: “We’re incredibly proud that INVNT.ATOM has led the strategy, creative, design, content, artist and auction house management, as well as the marketing campaign execution. This collaboration puts storytelling front and center; extending the world of art and music from the physical to new realities – an exciting new frontier for all fans. We believe this is the perfect introduction for K-Pop fans to enter Web3, the metaverse, and beyond.”


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