Korean Smartphone App to Discourage you from Using Your Smartphone

It may seem odd for a telecom company developing an app to encourage you to use the phone less, but here you go.

In Korea where smartphone penetration rate is high, family and friends often experience real life communication breakdowns due to an overuse of smartphones, says Telecom provider KT Corporation.

So in conjunction with Playground Seoul the two have introduced an app called “Seeds of the heart” to help users reduce their smartphone use and get back to more personal forms of communications.


The idea is that you download the app and then you plant your seeds. Once the flower grows you can forward it to friends or family. The catch is that the only way the flower will grow is if you don’t use the phone.

We love the concept, but the monotone delivery of narrator is lacking any sort of passion and takes away from an otherwise intriguing campaign.

“The idea is to highlight the essence of communication by creating an app that encourages users to reduce their smartphone usage, which might be opposite to what telecommunication companies normally do,” said Chief Creative Officer, Thomas Hong Tack Kim.


Users can download the app via a link sent through their cell phone bills or KT’s social media sites.

Credits –
Chief Creative Officer: Thomas Hong Tack Kim
Executive Creative Director: See Young Roe
Creative Director: Jin Shin
Copywriter: Jinhee Ahn
Account Director: Ken Kim
Account Executives: J K Shin, Ryan Kim
Agency Producer: Min Kim
Art Director: Ken Kim
Graphic Designer: A-ran Cho
Director: Jay, Okavango
Assistant Dirrector: Bora Nam, Okavango
Editor: Dae Won Kim, Mercury
VFX: Hyun Soo Kim, Mercury


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