Korean Skin Food Ad: The Most Frenetic Fun You’ll Watch Today

This new spot for Black Sugar Perfect First Serum 2x Essential (yah, that’s an oddly long name) is a virtual playground of slick computer graphic work.

All set at a frenetic pace of quickly-scripted dialogue by the narrator that zips about at a breakneck pace from the moment the female character rises from bed with worries about her skin. (And possibly whatever that is she drank from that glass).

The ad features Chef Jung Chang-wook and actress Kim Yoo-jung and is intended to play up on how people think they look alike.


Here is the photo of Chef Jung and Kim he posted on Instagram in July.

Chef Jung Chang-wook and Kim Yoo-jung

People (even Chef Jung) say they look alike. I don’t see it.

Even the Chef thinks they look alike. He wrote:

“While walking on the street, a vehicle suddenly brought up short and a fairly got out of a car. I thought she wouldn’t like it because people say we look alike. Nice to meet you, Kim Yoo-jung.”


I don’t see it, but ok. Either way – love the ad.

(There are English subtitles)


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