Collaboration allows Korean Mother to Sing to Daughter for First Time

Korean mother sings to daughter first time - Branding in Asia Magazine
Eunju Kim

AIA Korea, a division of the Hong Kong based insurance group AIA, through a collaboration with voice and tech experts, developed a motion-sensing device that translates sign language into real time vocal output.

The device was designed to allow Eunju Kim, a South Korean mother of three, to overcome her speech impediment and sing a birthday song to her daughter for the first time.

To build the synthesised voice needed, the collaborative turned to crowdsourcing on the popular South Korean music talent show SSK7, where they called on viewers to ‘donate’ samples of their voices for the effort.


More than 10,000 responded. From these one was selected that was thought to most closely match what Kim’s voice would sound like.

The wonderfully touching video, created by The Creamunion, featuring Kim ‘singing’ to her daughter has been viewed more than 9 million times on YouTube and Facebook since its debut in late November.

Check it out:


In case you’re thinking this is simply a tear-inducing branding film set on going viral, the program is part of a larger effort.

As AIA says at the end:: “AIA is participating in commercially developing the ‘First Voice’ device so that those with language and hearing impediments can smoothly communicate”.

Good stuff.

Korean mother sings to daughter first time - Branding in Asia Magazine

The following video explains the development of the tech and the making of the video.

Creative Credits

Advertising Agency: The Creamunion, Seoul, South Korea
Executive Creative Director: Big Choi
Creative Director: Jae Ki Lee
Deputy Head: Jungjae Lee, Sanghoon Lee
Assistant Manager: Sangjin Bae
Manager: Rahee Eshtehardi
Art Director: Minho Lee
Designer: Eunhye Lee
Copywriter: Sojung Kim
PD : Sooji Lee
Director: Junghyun Keum / You’ve Got Pictures
EPD: Seungkyom Kim
Tech Team: Sooin Yang, Woojoon Lee / Soongshil University
Professor: Myungjin Bae
Professor Huirin Kim & his Research Team, KAIST Research Team

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