Korean Businesses Against Foreign Worker Tax says Poll

In a move to encourage the hiring of more domestic talent, the South Korean government plans to enact a levy system at the end of the year that will require all small and medium size businesses to pay additional fees for employing foreign workers.

However,  a recent poll of 620 small and medium-sized companies by the Korea Small Business Institute found that opposition is overwhelming with, 89 percent voicing objections to the new legislation..

Yonhap reports that 67.8 percent said that the new system to regulate the inflow of foreign workers would instead increase the burden on companies. 46.6 percent also said it would have little impact on the local job market.


“Many small and medium companies hire foreigners because it is hard to employ domestic workers, not just because of cheap labor expenses,” the institute said. “The foreign worker levy would only increase labor costs for small companies.”

The institute called instead for practical support policies that can help local jobseekers find work in the manufacturing sectors.


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