Death Defying Robot Vacuum Cleaner on Seoul Tower

Trying to make an interesting commercial that will entice people to sit through an entire ad about a robot vacuum cleaner is no easy task.

Seoul-based advertising agency HSAd & PIXEL has made a truly worthy effort by placing LG’s robotic cleaner, the RoboKing, 240 meters up atop Korea’s iconic Seoul Tower and tasked it with cleaning the place up.

If you’re shopping around for the right robot to clean your tower, LG’s sensor tech looks to have you covered quite well. Can’t have your costly domestic appliance plummeting to its death now can you?


Advertising Agency: HSAd & PIXEL, Seoul, South Korea
Creative Director: Mj Kim
Copywriters: Chang Jae Lee, Yuni Kim
Account Executives: Yuran Woo, Seung Taek Yoo, Yunina Park

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