Korea Sells Four Supersonic Trainers to Thailand for $110 Million

Korea T-50 sale to Thailand
Photo: Lockheed-Martin

Korea Aerospace Industries, South Korea’s lone aircraft manufacturer, has inked a $110 million deal with the government of Thailand to export trainer jets for use by the Thai military.

The agreement calls for the delivery within 30 months of four units of the T-50TH, which it develops jointly with American defense giant Lockheed-Martin, the company said in a press release.

Thailand is looking to the T-50TH as a replacement for the aged, Czech made L-39 Albatross that was first developed in the 1960’s.


The T-50, which can reach speeds of mach 1.5 and is designed primary for supersonic fighter aircraft training, has had mixed success in sales abroad. It’s currently used in Korea, Iraq, The Philippines and Indonesia.

KAI hopes this sale will help further sales abroad.

“The fact that the Thai air force, with a long period of history, chose the T-50TH as its multi-purpose high-level trainer jets helps strengthen the masterpiece image of the T-50 in the East Asia region,” KAI said in a statement.

The T-50, design, which first flew in 2002, is a supersonic advanced trainer and multirole light fighter that marks South Korea’s first domestically produced supersonic aircraft and one of the world’s few supersonic trainers.

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