Korea Asks ‘Have You Ever Slept?’ or ‘Been to a Restaurant?’ in New Tourism Campaign Starring EXO

Screenshot: YouTube

The Korea Tourism Organization has launched a teaser spot for their “Have you ever…? campaign starring recently signed brand ambassadors K-Pop boy band, EXO.

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The new concept is somewhat difficult to fully embrace at first, as the members of EXO ask viewers seemingly ordinary questions such as, “Have you have ever slept?” or “Have you ever been to a restaurant?” or “Have you ever danced?”


Later, we see the answer is “Like that” in Korea, which fills in the blanks and makes the intent of the promotional content a bit more resonant in the minute-long teaser spot.

But not by much.

Regardless of the less than inspiring content, EXO will likely be a big draw for the promotion, and the coastal city of Busan having recently been ranked by Lonely Planet as “Best Place to Visit in Asia” will certainly attract more tourists to South Korea’s various offerings.


The campaign will also include print along with digital promotions of the slogan “Have you ever…”

In the final assessment this looks to be a Korea tourism campaign that doesn’t quite hit its mark — joining others over the years that have ranged from plagiarism charges, being sexually suggestive or the confusing “I.Seoul.U” slogan.

Korea’s a great country to visit, with a wealth of offerings, but the campaign work could use a dose of stronger creative.

Update: According to EXO fans commenting on YouTube, the ad spot overdubs the voices rather than using those of the actual members. If so, that’s a risky approach to appeal to KPop’s passionate fan base.