Diligent Korean Dad Buys Grand Daughter’s First Car in Charming Spot for Chevrolet by Cheil Worldwide

Buying the first car for their daughters is a rite of passage for many fathers around the world and one that most undertake with meticulous attention to detail fueled by an excess of apprehension.

Therein lies the theme of a charming spot released last week by Chevrolet in Korea for the fuel efficient “city car”, Spark.

In the two-minute clip created by Cheil for their client General Motors, we see a father painstakingly research his daughter’s first car, investigating it online and in the newspapers at home while making dozens of visits to the dealership where the obliging salesman caters to his persistent showroom inspections.


There are no subtitles for the spot, but you need not understand Korean to really understand this nicely done piece of ad work.




Agency: Cheil Worldwide
Client: GM Korea
Client Marketing Director: Ilsup Lee
Client Marketing Manager: Dongjin Han, Yaeji Lee, Hongchul Kim
Chief Creative Officer: Wain Choi
Creative Director: Jaehyuk Jang
Art Director: Changyun Baek, Sunyoung Cho, Anna Oh
Copywriter: Eugene Park, Jungwook Kim, Young Choi
Account Director: Joohwan Kim
Account Executive: Eunji Kim, Sungchul Park, Kibum Kwon
Executive Producer: Youngjin Oh
Production Company: SoNyun Films
Director: Sungjae Yoo