KitKat Takes a Break and Turns New Ad Campaign Over to AI

“KitKat has breaks, and AI gives us more of those. So we thought we’d have a crack at it ourselves.”


Nestle, KitKat


Wunderman Thompson Australia

KitKat has championed breaks for more than 65 years. Who has not at one point in their lives found themselves singing Gimme a break. Gimme a break – Break me off a piece of that. Kit Kat Bar.

As AI becomes increasingly open to everyone, the brand “recognized a perfect opportunity to take their own advice, and let AI make their latest campaign so they could ‘have a break’.”

Using some appropriately generic briefs like: ‘Write a KitKat ad the way Gen Z speaks’, ‘Write a KitKat ad about gamers’ and ‘Write a KitKat ad about the latest trends’ generated some half-decent scripts, the brand said of its campaign done in collaboration with Wunderman Thompson Australia.


Those scripts were used to prompt an image generator, resulting in some ‘almost ok’ images. And an AI voice was fine too. The results weren’t perfect, but it meant the fingers everyone needed to lift were mainly chocolate ones, said the brand.

“AI is revolutionizing our industry and beyond, but the reality is not every brand has something relevant (or fun) to say on that space,” said João Braga, CCO at Wunderman Thompson.

“KitKat has breaks, and AI gives us more of those. So we thought we’d have a crack at it ourselves and poke a bit of fun at AI – while we can.”


Nestlé Head of Marketing Confectionary, Melanie Chen added: “We’re all for creating more opportunities to ‘have a break’, so when Wunderman Thompson asked us if we could let AI generate our next round of advertising content, we couldn’t pass it up. I think we all agree from the outcomes, AI won’t replace jobs in our industry any time soon without some real watch outs.”

The campaign is now live with 30’, 15’ and 6’ social and digital video, and 30’ audio and podcasts.


Nestle, KitKat

Vice President – Global Category Lead KITKAT: Chris O’Donnell

Head of Marketing Confectionary: Melanie Chen

Senior Marketing Manager (Chocolate): Shannon Wright

Senior Brand Manager (KitKat): Monique Ellis

Wunderman Thompson Australia

Chief Creative Officer: Joao Braga

Chief Strategy Officer: Mel Wiese

General Manager: Annabelle Barnum

Creative Director: Steven Hey

Creative Director: Simon Koay

Group Account Director: Samantha Scheidler

Account Manager: Francesca Brown

Senior Producer: Siobhan Crawley

Editor: Alex Barnett

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