Kit Ong Launches Social Commentary Project, The Kollective Lab

Kit Ong, founder of The Kollective Lab

Kit Ong, creator of UBXED, has launched a new film project titled The Kollective Lab that aims to use horror, sci-fi and mystery to tackle societal issues that plague our consciousness and subconscious mind.

The first project from the group, “Transmission” comes in 4 chapters, each ending with a puzzle that leads to the next chapter.

Transmission’s first chapter was made possible by the participation of D.O.P Vincent Wong, the cast of Venus Lim and Robin Tan, and designer, Vanessa Ng. The subsequent chapters will consist of new participants.


“Companies and brands are more socially conscious of the roles they play in today’s world. Companies now have a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion department that was never there before,” said Ong.

“The world of entertainment and advertising is becoming compacted with films like The Lego Movie. With streaming services, apart from product placements like how Land Rover does it in the Bond films, brands can’t find a spot in-between the shows. Ad Blockers are going to be more prevalent as days go by. And the social media space is inundated with too much information.”