Kirsty Muddle Promoted to CEO at Cummins & Partners Sydney

    By Harold Henry - Sep 21, 2021
    Kirsty Muddle Promoted to CEO at Cummins & Partners Sydney

    Kirsty Muddle, a founding partner and the Managing Director of Cummins & Partners Sydney, has been named Chief Executive Officer for all Australia operations.

    Former CEO Chris Jeffares departed the 10-year-old independent agency last January.

    “Kirsty is in the best position of any of us to see what the future of our agency and what the industry will be. We have always been an agency built for modern marketing and we will continue to be with Kirsty and our new management team steering the agency, ” Sean Cummins said.


    Andy Copeland has also joined the agency as chief data and technology officer, working alongside Paul Murphy, chief media officer, Mark Hooke as chief financial officer, and Sean Cummins who remains as global chief creative officer.

    Matt Rose has also been promoted to general manager in the St Kilda office as well.

    “We’ve spent two years incubating, watching the world change and working on how we change with it. But for us, it’s not about changing into something different, it’s about getting back to what we’ve always been about – independent thinking. We’re bringing that entrepreneurial energy back into everything we do,” added Muddle.


    “We have a not-so-secret weapon in Sean Cummins who works hands-on as creative strategist with 37 years of wisdom that remains relevant and fresh today, continuing as chief creative officer across all three offices.”


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