Kim Yuna Dances as well as she Skates in new KB Advertisement

South Korea’s Kim Yuna has more than established herself as being one of figure skating’s all-time greats. So, what’s a gorgeous, smart and talented girl to do after the applause dies down and her stardom on the ice has passed?

Cash in all those years of hard work for one.

And Ms. Kim has done that, promoting a wide range of products in Korea –including Cass beer, Maxim instant coffee mix, E1 petroleum products, Prospecs sportswear, Samsung air conditioners and tablets and a fabric conditioner called Saffron. And that’s just to name a few.


Now, we see her dancing in two newly-released spots for KB Bank –Korea’s largest financial institution. We’re in love.

Most notable about these ads is the departure of the 25-year-old Kim being branded as a cutesy, seemingly adolescent girl –a theme that followed her even into her 20’s.

There are two ads in the campaign; one is the 30 second solo clip and the second a 60 second clip where Kim dances with South Korean actor and singer Lee Seung-gi.


A quick Kim Yuna commercial retrospective

The new KB ads are far better than this spot she made for SK Telecom last year –an ad that shows her brushing her teeth for more than half of the spot while foaming toothpaste profusely.

It’s hard for Kim Yuna not to be cute, but this pushes the limit a bit.

She’s been doing KB Bank ads for quite awhile now. Like this syrupy 2010 spot, again featuring her and singer Lee Seung Gi. The 40-second ad, however, comes off more like a bad Karaoke video than an advertisement.

And her work with Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign is, of course, solid:

And finally, if you haven’t had enough of the lovely Ms. Kim for today, here a Samsung Galaxy Tab campaign spot featuring a full three-minutes of Kim being followed around by a camera showing her typical day. Such as vacuuming her house for instance –because most millionaires still clean their own homes, right?

Alright, alright, just one more. Why not? Here are some lovely shots from her photoshoot for Allure magazine back in spring of this year.

Kim Yuna Allure Magazine

Allure Magazine

After the shoot she told an interviewer:

“I still don’t know what I really want to do…I am refraining from new thoughts as of now. If I am diligent in the present, I hope new thoughts will come to me naturally? I am enjoying this time of letting my guard down.”

Enjoy yourself, ma’am. You’ve worked hard and you deserve it. Give us a call if you want to grab a coffee.

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