What if North Korea’s Kim Jong-un Were to Drop 20kg?

Kim Jong Un loses 20 kg
Korea Times

What would it do to the image of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un if he were to shave 20kg off his weight? This is the question being asked as a photoshopped image of Kim makes its way around social media in South Korea.

According to the Korea Times, the conversation taking place online revolves around how Kim’s own people and the rest of the world would react to a slimmed down version of what the English daily refers to as, “the normally chubby and double-chinned real face of the ‘Dear Leader.'”

“Some may have questions that sound naïve and stupid: What would happen if it really did occur? Would North Korean people struck by chronic poverty take some sort of emotional comfort while looking at the framed portrait of the irresistibly charming leader hanging on walls everywhere?


Would the rogue state receive less international condemnation and sanctions for its nuclear weapons program?”

Ok, perhaps it is a bit “naïve” and quite possibly bordering on fat shaming; or simply a playful conversation about a bitter rival to help pass the time as Northeast Asia awaits the arrival of spring.

Carry on.

Kim Jong Un loses 20 kgs

Image from the Korea Times with no reference to the original source.


A reader was kind enough to send in another photo of the Dear Leader that is making the rounds on Korean social media.

Kim Jong Un - Photoshop

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