‘Kill the Killers’ Game is Novel Approach to Dengue Insurance Pitch in India

Apollo Munich Health Insurance, along with Nimbu Mirchi Nimbu, have put together an addictively fun game on their homepage where you can swat mosquitos for a campaign dubbed ‘Kill the Killer’.

If you’re bored at the office, take a few minutes and swat to your heart’s content. Simply kill as many mosquitoes as you can in 20 seconds to check your score. You can share your results on Facebook and Twitter, as well as invite your friends to play.

Kill the killer mosquitos Apollo Munich Insurance


“The Internet offers a world of activities that people can indulge in and through this gamification means we are hoping to raise awareness for dengue, educate consumers about the disease, and thereby infuse an interest in people to banish dengue fear from their lives,” said Antony Jacob, Chief Executive Officer, Apollo Munich.

“Gamification has undoubtedly become a very strong communication tool and the whole world talking about Pokémon Go corroborates it.”

The monsoon season in India brings with it a slew of healthcare problems, as stagnant water provides breeding grounds for many infection-borne mosquitos. Dengue, leptospirosis, malaria, etc. all arrive within a month of the rains. Although these diseases can be treated, dengue has become the largest vector-borne disease and sometimes proves fatal, if left untreated.

“Around 35% of the dengue cases in the world occur in India, and there were approximately a lakh (100,000) cases reported in India in 2015,” Jacob added.

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