Kids Say it’s ‘Total BS’ They Can’t Enjoy Virgin Voyages Cruises in Funny New Campaign Film

When Richard Branson launched Virgin Voyages, the idea was to create an adults-only experience at sea — a place where adults, including moms and dads, could set out on the open ocean without the kids.

As the world starts to travel again following the pandemic, the brand has launched a funny new global campaign from Special US making it clear that cruises with Virgin Voyages are for those 18-years-old or older, no kids allowed.

And the kids? Well, they are not so happy about it at all.


The campaign features a film called “No Kids On the Ocean,” which features the disappointed kids singing about being left behind –all set to images of the new luxury vessels and parents enjoying their holiday. In the one-minute film, the kids point out that the whole thing is “total bullshit” with the last part artfully drowned out by a well-placed ship horn.



“After being cooped up with their kids over the past few years, it’s only fair that parents get what they really want. A break,” said William Gelner, chief creative officer at Special US.

“Virgin Voyages are adult only, so we thought it would be fun to show the kids’ perspective on that.”

Virgin Voyages recently launched its fourth cruise ship, Brilliant Lady, which joins the ranks of the other three vessels that are sailing this summer.

“Parents know that sometimes the best thing they can do for their kids is to take care of themselves first,” said Justin Terry, senior director of growth and marketing at Virgin Voyages.

“Parents do so much for their kids, and we wanted to remind them that it’s okay to take a break. In fact, they should take a break, and what better way to do so than on a kid-free cruise with Virgin Voyages.”


Mama, Papa, why’s your suitcase packed, but not mine?
How could you leave us kids behind?

Parents are going on a cruise without us kids,
And we know whose fault this is.

Virgin Voyages says we can’t cruise til we’re 18,
Which makes us shake, shake, shake like we’ve had caffeine.

Virgin Voyages says no kids on the ocean,
So we’re causing a commotion.

You’ll be sipping cocktails under a starlit night,
While we’re back home, without an invite.

Sure, you’ve earned a gourmet spread,
But we’re experiencing existential dread.

Adults, enjoy the cruise, we know you deserve it,
But the fact we can’t go is total bullsh— (FOGHORN)


Client: Virgin Voyages
Chief Brand Officer: Nathan Rosenberg
Senior Director, Growth & Brand Marketing: Justin Terry
Creative Director: Christian Schrader
Copywriter: Bailey Edwards
Brand Director: Kris Klank
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Agency: Special Group US
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