The Heat is on With KFC’s Kai Jai Ded and Thailand’s Spicy Relief Hotline

The Spicy Relief Hotline (+66 2793 3111) provides assistance and relief to those who dare to indulge.

KFC Thailand marked its 40th Anniversary with an irresistible challenge that will leave you sweating, shedding tears, and craving more (in the best kind of way).

When you experience the intense heat of Kai Jai Ded, a limited-edition menu item designed to set your taste buds on fire, KFC and Colonel Sanders won’t leave you to face the fiery storm alone. They’ve introduced the revolutionary Spicy Relief Hotline to help Thai spice lovers conquer the burn and enjoy the thrill of intense heat like never before. The celebratory menu, available for a limited time, was sold out within two weeks.

For years, Thai diners have been captivated by the fiery allure of “KAI JAI DED,” renowned for inducing both love and screams of agony.  After a two-year hiatus, KFC Thailand has answered the fervent calls for its return, but with a twist.


Recognizing the need to support diners through the intense heat, they’ve launched the Spicy Relief Hotline (+66 2793 3111) to provide assistance and relief to those who dare to indulge.

The Spicy Relief Hotline offers two unique approaches to calm the burn.

  • Vent It Out (press 0) – For those who need a more interactive solution, KFC’s call center is staffed with trained professionals ready to offer support, advice, and even a listening ear for those looking to vent their spicy-induced frustrations, OR
  • Relax and Recharge (press 1) – For those who prefer a more introspective experience, an automated system delivers random spicy relief sounds, including calming classical music, soothing nature ASMR, and meditative sounds to ease the fiery sensation.


But it doesn’t stop there. “KAI JAI DED”, the bite-sized chicken pieces drenched in a fiery sauce is back with a vengeance, offering two levels of spiciness to cater to every palate:

1) Baby Hot Sauce – for those seeking a touch of heat, and

2) Angry Hot Sauce – for the bold hearts craving an inferno.

With overwhelmingly positive feedback from Heat Seekers, Kai Jai Ded was sold out in just two weeks with tons of consumers tapped into the Colonel’s Spicy Relief Hotline – 02-793-3111 – for an extra dollop of spice relief.

Suhayl Limbada, Chief Marketing Officer at KFC Thailand, emphasizes the experiential aspect of this spiciness.

“With 40 years in business, KFC Thailand is determined to captivate spicy enthusiasts across the nation with ‘Kai Jai Ded,’ creating a shared experience of unstoppable, addictive heat through our unique and distinctive taste”.


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