Give Mom Something Sexy for Mother’s Day – KFC’s Chickendales Dancers

Not sure what to get mom for Mother’s Day? While a bucket of chicken will likely not win her heart, perhaps you might consider a sexy Colonel Sanders and the Chickendales dancers?

The option is on the table with KFC launching a Mother’s Day campaign created by W&K featuring the Colonel – completely ripped – wearing tearaway pants and a bow tie, shaking his thing with 10 actual Chippendale’s dancers.

Oh my!


You can even pay a visit to the Chickendales microsite and create personalized videos with The Colonel saying your mother’s real name.

Along with the Mother’s Day celebration, KFC is doing a partnership with Cinnabon, featuring dessert biscuits covered in the pastry chain’s cream cheese frosting.


Wieden & Kennedy created another spot that imagines how the partnership came to be.

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